Looking for Reliable, Effective Construction Site Security

With building resources and equipment becoming more frequently targeted by criminals, all areas of your construction site can sadly bring undesirable attention that may be troubling to your business.

To protect your site and minimise the level of criminal activity, OTS Security will send only the most qualified construction security guards and officers taylored to your construction or building site.

Manned and Static Construction Security Guards

Our team of retail security guards are not only trained to help stores reduce loss and act as a powerful visual deterrent, they can also play a pivotal role in increasing ROI, improving brand image and boosting staff and customer retention.  Each and every security guard is highly trained to:

  • Recognise theft threats
  • Ensure customers and staff feel safe
  • Provide ongoing surveillance of all areas
  • Deter vandalism, fraud and internal-theft
  • Issue a civil recovery service to begin the process of reclaiming losses and costs directly from offenders.

All of our retail security officers carry the relevant SIA license, so you’re always guaranteed an individual or team of guards who are highly trained, knowledgeable, confident, trustworthy, with the ability to respond positively to very complex or stressful situations.


Construction Mobile Security Patrols

If you want construction security that goes beyond just one location, look no further than OTS Security who will go beyond whats expected to protect every inch of your construction and building site.

Building developments are often large, unsafe sites with restricted access, presenting numerous chances for criminals and challenges for site managers. Our well-equipped security guards can deliver widespread coverage to ensure total security across your site.

With the ability to be on the move and monitor various locations and conduct foot patrols, open-air security and operate our patrol vehicles, our mobile guards provide a cost-effective visual deterrent, as well as a quick and effective response to any security breaches.

Onsite CCTV Installation & Surveillance

OTS Security can provide your construction site with a thorough CCTV package, from personalised installation to 24-hour monitoring services, all delivered by fully trained, skilled and professional security staff.

CCTV provides a hassle-free, high impact security tool which gives you a level of around-the-clock safety. As well as granting an effective visual deterrent, it can also be used as a platform for first response: depending on your level of service, officers monitoring your site will instantly deploy security personnel or alert police of an intrusion.

Working with you to build the precise solution you need, we will carry out a full assessment of your construction site before suggesting the best installation strategy for optimal coverage and entire peace of mind.


Construction Security Services Tailored to You

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