Door Supervisors

Professional door security with personalities that fit

Do you needDoor Supervisors for your club, hotel, or business premises?

As a venue owner or manager, you need door supervisors who reflect the values of your business, keep your venue, staff and customers safe, communicate effectively and have a friendly, welcoming manner that’s conducive to a good night out.

Door Supervisors

Door Supervisors can often be the difference between a venue which is successful and one which is struggling to attract the right type of customer. Door Supervisors are the first people that customers and guests will see upon entering a venue. They ensure that all proceedings go well, minimising conflict and dealing with any potential threats to the safety of others, and the smooth operation of your venue.
Duties include

  • Managing entry and performing body and bag searches
  • Recording entry and assisting speed of access where needed
  • Stopping unwanted patrons so they can’t enter the venue
  • Creating a safe environment so attendees can enjoy themselves
  • Liaising with clients, promoters and venue management at all times

OTS Security can provide you withDoor Supervisors For pubs, clubs, bars & restaurants and offer highly experienced & professional door supervision for your venue. 

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