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Controlling the risk of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the workplace is essential to your premises being able to open and remain open. It’s Clean offer specialist COVID-19 cleaning services dedicated to minimising the risk to your employees and members of the public and ensuring operational continuity. One of these specialist services is Fogging Cleaning.

What is Fogging and where can it be used?

For internal areas, a Fogging machine generates very small airborne droplets of Quaternary Ammonium Compounds, which offer excellent biological inactivation and is one of the most environmentally friendly of all the gaseous decontamination processes. Fogging is widely used in Singapore, USA, China and many other countries for large area infection control. Fogging is a proven method rather than a new technology, though its application is relatively new to the UK.
In the Fogging process, the mist of Quaternary Ammonium Compounds immediately disrupts the envelope membrane of the virus, which exposes the nucleocapsid, affecting its ability to infect subsequent cells.

How does Fogging work?

Fogging releases an incredibly fine mist through the atmosphere to land on all surfaces and disinfect them, killing viruses and ensuring your areas are completely sanitised.
At OTS, our fogging cleaning process is ideally suited to specific area targeting in a building. We use a much safer, nontoxic chemical which doesn’t involve using noxious chemicals. This means we can apply fogging to any area in your premises that needs more targeted disinfection. Our Fogging cleaning process is also certified to BS EN 13697:2015+A1:2019.

What are the benefits of Fogging?

Cold Fogging delivers the following benefits:

  • Fastest and easiest way of sanitising large areas with minimum disruption.
  • Ideal for outbreak control measures and for use in all environments including care homes, GP surgeries, offices and schools.
  • Complete room disinfection to 4-Log validation (99.9999%).
  • As well as viruses, the process also kills bacteria, fungi and mould.
  • Pre and post chemical test indicators prove if there has been sufficient exposure from the Fogging process.
  • High penetration of hard to reach areas.
  • Non-corrosive, no wiping (which only removes 11% of harmful bacteria Source: British Medical Journal ) and no residue.
  • Suitable for medical and all electronic equipment.
  • If adequately ventilated, treated areas are safe to occupy within 1 hour.
  • Long-lasting protection.

How is fogging best implemented in the workplace?

To be most effective we highly recommend the Fogging cleaning process.

For External environments, the sanitising process we use is called “Soft Washing”. Water-based biodegradable chemicals; a blend of Sodium Hypochlorite, soaps, surfactants and water, are delivered under low pressure to surfaces which may have become contaminated.


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